Introducing Wheat Free Williams

When my son was diagnosed with celiac disease my kitchen became completely gluten-free. As I’ve been experiencing life with someone avoiding gluten, I see a need to make gluten-free foods more accessible in our food market. For this reason, I’m introducing a new company, Wheat Free Williams. Wheat Free Williams is selling all natural, gluten-free foods you can feel good about eating. Whether or not you can tolerate gluten you can enjoy our foods. Wheat Free Williams is beginning with the sale of two products and we will expand from there. One delicious bite at a time!

Our first product is a traditional chocolate chip cookie but without the gluten. It tastes as good as (if not better!) than its gluten counterpart and it has received rave reviews thus far! The second product is a homemade granola bar which I have made for years and has always been naturally gluten-free. It’s full of healthy nuts and seeds and sweetened with honey. It’s been a great energy bar for myself and my kids throughout the years and it’s finally time to share it!

Please visit the new website at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Hopefully soon you will see us in stores near you, but in the meantime products can be ordered online for local pick-up and delivery. We will also be featured at tastings at specialty stores and farmers markets in and around Fairfield County, CT. You can follow the blog at for updates!

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