New Year’s Resolutions

resolutionsNew years resolutions, we’ve all made them whether it be to exercise more, eat better, drink less, etc. What are you focusing on this year? If you make too many resolutions or make them too vague or too strict they likely won’t last. You need to pick one lifestyle change that you can put into action and hopefully continue throughout the year without February going back to your ways of 2018. One great idea is to resolve to cook more. Cooking is a great step toward better health. When you cook for yourself you have control over the ingredients, the quantity and the quality of the food you are eating. Food eaten out often has more fat, salt and sugar than what you would prepare at home.

You can start small. Even if it simply be one dinner per week. Pick a night that will be your “cooking night”. If you already cook a lot this night can be a night to resolve to cook a healthy dinner/meatless dinner/experiment with new recipes dinner, whatever is more tailored to your needs now. Perhaps you cook often but are getting bored of the usual meals, use this evening to try a new recipe each week. If you cook a lot but are looking to lose weight or be healthier use this one evening to cook a healthy recipe full of veggies and healthy proteins. Or even make it a meatless meal to experiment with more plant based foods which are great for your health and the planet. Whatever you decide works best for you, picking a night each week to focus on cooking will point you in the right direction. Once you’ve mastered one night, add another! Some ideas could be a hearty vegetable minestrone soup, a frittata for dinner with a salad, a Sunday roast chicken that will leave you with delicious leftovers…. The options are endless!

You should look at cooking not as something you don’t have time for but something you will make time for. Just like other priorities in your life, cooking should be a top priority. Because when you eat well, you feel better and are healthier. Not to mention the joy and satisfaction that comes with cooking a healthy meal for your family. When your family is well nourished you are setting everyone up for success in the classroom, at the workplace or on the sports field. The healthier you eat, the less cravings you have for junk food, resulting in looking and feeling your best. So this year, resolve to cook more. Starting small and then with time build on it!

Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!

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