Top Tips for Weight Loss Success

Fresh healthy vegetables, water and measuring tape. Health and dDiets and weight loss are constantly talked about. People are confused about what to eat, how much, and when. And all the marketing done by the food industry can mislead you into eating something that you think will help your waistline but instead does the opposite. So what is the answer? It’s not the latest fad diets because they rarely work and if they do, the weight almost always creeps back. What you need to do is make small changes over time. This way it becomes part of what you do and the positive changes last. Here are my top tips for weight loss success that you can start working on now. They are not confusing and they are easy to manage. This week try to incorporate at least one of these changes into your day. And if you succeed then add another!

  • Drink water. Start by removing sugary beverages as well as so-called “diet” drinks from your diet. The chemical sweeteners in diet drinks do nothing to help your waistline and there is research showing they may actually do just the opposite. Instead drink water. Water is the best for hydration and leads to healthy skin and good digestion. It has also been shown that drinking enough water can boost your metabolism.
  • Increase your vegetable consumption. Try to have dark leafy greens daily and then add in other colors as well. You want a rainbow of colors to brighten your plate naturally throughout the day. Have any snacks you eat include a vegetable or fruit. Carrot sticks with hummus, celery with nut butter, berries or a banana. This will leave less room in your diet for unhealthy foods.
  • Cut back on sugar. There is so much sugar in our diets today and in excess it is damaging to our bodies and our waistlines. It causes inflammation and is a key contributor to weight gain. Aside from the obvious sources of sugar it is also hiding in many processed foods. Sugar causes overeating and is bad for your health.
  • Practice cooking. When you cook at home you have control over the quality of your ingredients as well as the amount of salt, fat, and sugar that you are consuming. You also have control over your portion size. When you cook a meal you will appreciate your food more, which leads to more mindful eating and less overeating. Cooking is very rewarding for your taste buds and your weight.
  • Enjoy regular exercise. Now that the weather is improving and the days are longer it is easier to get outside for a walk or jog before or after work. Find what you enjoy doing and do it! Perhaps its biking, walking, or an exercise class. The benefits don’t end with managing your weight, but also exercise does wonders for boosting your mood and your health.
  • Get enough sleep. People don’t realize how important sleep is for health and weight. Have you ever been sleep deprived and notice you crave everything in sight? It has been found that lack of sleep can put your appetite into overdrive. Be sure you are getting the sleep you need.


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